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10 things to avoid in hypertension

10 things to avoid in hypertension

One of the main causes of coronary heart disease is an unhealthy diet. Taking nutrient-deficient foods can cause hypertension and damage your heart. People who have high blood pressure or heart disease should also keep in mind the food they had inadvertently ate.

01. Salt (table salt)

Too much salt can harm the heart and cardiovascular system and cause immediate, circulatory disease. Also, if the salt of the organism is too much, it will hold the water and promote the deformation of the circulatory system and damage the supply path, heart, kidney and spirit.

02. French fries (fast food)

Fried potatoes, representative of fast food, contain 19 grams of fat and 270 milligrams of sodium. This figure is too high to be ignored by people with high blood pressure or heart disease.

03. Strong sake

According to various studies, a moderate amount of alcohol can lower the pulse rate. However, there are other studies that show that measuring liquor can also pose a risk. In addition, recent studies have shown that alcohol can lead to death in adults with hypertension in the Republic of Korea.

04. Red meat (cattle, sheep, pork, etc.)

Greasy chicken and red flesh contain hydrogenated oil that can harm the heart and blood vessels. In this way, you should reduce your nutritional intake through fast food or limit trans fats.

05. Other meat products

Another major cause of hypertension is the continuous use of bundled means of livelihood, such as bologna, bacon, frankfurter and other processed meat products. If you have high blood pressure problems or want to reduce it, you should take salt or low-salt meats such as chicken, turkey breast or sloppy hamburgers.

06. Sugar

The hip joint is one of the true criminals of hypertension. Foods high in sugar can cause weight gain and cause hypertension.

07. Margarine

Margarine made during the hydrogenation process contains bad trans fats and should be removed from the diet as soon as possible.

08. Canned food biscuits

Refrigerated rolls and scones are not very good for your health because they contain fat that can cause an increased risk of high blood pressure in older ladies. When purchasing canned biscuits, check the ingredient name on the label and check for hydrogenated oils. Whole wheat bread or rolls are better, but sodium content should be checked.

09. Pizza

The Food Manufacturing Federation has reported that both the meat and the old Cheddar pizza are both high in sodium. Please replace meat and cheddar cheese with some vegetables.

10. Espresso

Some studies have shown that espresso is associated with hypertension, so you should refrain from drinking espresso and drink more green tea.

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