Monday, June 24, 2019

Seven unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules

Seven unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules

Dr. Amy Shah, a medical doctor, has claimed that there is no correlation between health and diet in overseas media mind body greens. Limiting calories or doing a hard exercise may be a mistake. The hard work you did for your health may not have any effect. The posting topics to be introduced today are "7 unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules".

01. The sweet thing is Ok! You do not have to hold on.

Dr Mark Hyman, MD, asserts, "Sugar is one of the joy of tequila" is. Everyone likes sweets and is said to be so programmed. When the body wants sugar, it is said that it is good for health to consume. It is said that it does not overdo it forcibly and does not overdo it.

02. You do not have to sleep more than 8 hours.

According to Dr. W. Christopher Winter, an expert in neurology for sleep, "Even if sleeping time is a little shorter, there is no harm in the human body." Unless you are suffering from insomnia, sleep is not a problem if you are napping efficiently and feeling refreshed.

03. Drinking coffee for health

If you drink a lot of coffee or alcohol than water, I think it is good for your body to reduce a little of course. But drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine every day is good for your health. When asked to three prominent American doctors, "Do you need coffee for your health?", Everyone answered, "Yes!"

04. Carbohydrate intake to maintain concentration and fitness

The notion that carbohydrates are bad is nowadays fixed. Diet trainer Robb Wolf gave a different opinion. I noticed the importance of carbohydrates as well as athletes who needed endurance. Lack of carbohydrates suggests that brain activity slows down and concentration is reduced. This causes a lack of physical strength and fatigue is accumulated in the body.

05. Everyday exercise makes forbidden, rest days.

"There is evidence of fatigue after the season is over and after a rest for about six months," a study that measured the fatigue of a swimming athlete who had experienced the Olympics was found. I think it takes time to recover the physical strength. It is said that exercising every day for health is counterproductive. Sometimes, rest is a smart way.

06. Compare only with yourself.

There is nothing more meaningful than comparing weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference with a friend who uses force during a diet. Compared to others and frustrated every day, you can ruin your creativity and happiness. You have to compare figures with yourself. Complimenting others is the first step of health.

07. Calorie calculation is a waste of time

The most important thing in a meal is the quality of calories is not important. You need to know how much time you spend on your life for calorie counting. There is also a way to record on a diet, but it is important to enjoy a balanced diet rather than waste unnecessary time.

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