Monday, June 24, 2019

Eight mechanisms of defense that happen to my body that protect me

Eight mechanisms of defense that happen to my body that protect me

Our bodies are a complex collection of numerous biological cycles and systems that can often be difficult to understand. When the body is invaded for various reasons, the body's defense mechanism has a system that automatically protects it. They protect us against harm from all that could potentially harm us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Today 's posting theme is "8 defense mechanisms that happen to my body that protects me by a doctor."

01. Yawning

The main purpose of yawning is to overheat the brain or to cool the brain with overload. It appears as a kind of respiratory movement accompanied by extensor contraction of the whole body by unconscious breathing action that occurs when you are going to sleep or when you are free.

02. Sneezing

Sneezing is a spastic reflex movement in which the nasal mucosa of the nose is stimulated. The nasal mucous membrane of the nose suddenly changes in ambient temperature, or when chemical or physical stimuli are applied, it exerts a strong stimulant (allergic substances, microorganisms, dust, etc.) .

03. Stretching

We instinctively stretch and prepare the body to start the day. This stretching moves the muscles and restores the blood flow to make you feel better. This is the way I stretch out with both hands instinctively during an overworked job, and then I get the feeling that my body is cool.

04. Hiccups

When we eat very quickly or swallow lots of food, or simply overeat, the pneumonia can get irritated. This is closely connected to our stomach and diaphragm. This is a hiccup that suddenly closes the gate and makes a distinctive sound by trying to breathe by unexpected diaphragm contraction.

05. Skin wrinkles

These wrinkles appear on the skin of the fingers and play a very important role. It's also called 'crumpled'. This phenomenon is caused by natural wrinkles that can easily catch a slippery surface due to the effects of the surrounding environment (such as a long bath) when the moisture increases in the body.

06. Amnesia

Amnesia often occurs after the most unpleasant experience has occurred. Our brains literally eliminate the most terrible moment in our memory.

07. Chicken meat (goose)

The main function of the fleece (goose) is to reduce the amount of heat that our body loses through the pores of the skin. If you are exposed to cold weather, you can protect your body from the harsh weather conditions.

08. Tears

In addition to protecting the mucous membranes of the eye when foreign objects enter the eye, tears also serve as a tool for "emotional defense". Scientists believe that in stressful situations, the body creates new and powerful stimuli to escape the pain that it is experiencing. It works to protect us every day. There are several reasons why we should be grateful to all of us. Do not forget to take a break.

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