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11 wrong eating habits that you think are healthy

11 wrong eating habits that you think are healthy

People who care about health often try to replace harmful foods with healthy foods. However, most of the alternatives may not be close to our healthy eating habits. If you want to eat clean food by referring to the information on overseas US online sites, it is better to ignore it.

01. The Apple Juice Spec is healthier than Coca Cola.

We can easily believe that apple juice will be healthier than 'harmful' coke. In fact, apple juice contains more calories than Coca Cola. If you are interested in diet, drink water and dispose of all juice packs or soft drinks.

02. Fresh vegetables are healthier than cooked vegetables.

Some boiled vegetables turned out to be better than fresh ones. For example, boiled carrots contain a lot of carotenoids, and boiled or steamed tomatoes contain more lycopene for good health. This does not mean that you should only eat cooked vegetables, so do not hurry.

03. You can eat sushi during your diet.

Even if you keep a check on your carbohydrate intake, it is better to order sushi from a restaurant and it is considered a healthy alternative to other dishes. In fact, salmon rolls contain more carbohydrates than hamburgers and have more calories. To lose weight, you should choose something less harmful to your plan.

04. Soy is a good salt substitute for health.

Dietitians are advised not to choose soy sauce instead of salt. If you do not, you can consume salt multiple times daily just by visiting a Chinese restaurant. It is better to add some salt to your food periodically than you believe these alternatives are healthy.

05. Honey instead of sugar

We know that sugar is not good for our body shape and health, so we add honey to everything we want to hide our sweetness. In fact, honey has more calories than sugar. The difference is not great, but if these parts continue to accumulate, weight loss will not see progress.

06. Dried fruit is the best snack.

In the process of drying fruit, 80% of the vitamins and antioxidants are damaged. This means that eating fresh fruit as a snack is better. Dried fruits are also dangerous because some dishonest manufacturers add the sweet syrup to the fruit to further reduce their effectiveness.

07. Popcorn is harmful to health.

Scientists have proven that hot air cooked popcorn is a healthy and useful food. A cup of popcorn contains almost twice as much antioxidants as polyphenols, such as fruits and vegetables. Also, popcorn contains very good fiber for your health. Of course, you should not eat whole, but a small cup of popcorn can be a good snack.

08. Cheese is the biggest enemy of diet.

Because most diets contain lots of fat and calories, it is best not to think about cheese. But cheese is more calcium than most other products, so it can be eaten on a very tight diet. It also contains linoleic acid to help reduce fat accumulation and help weight loss.

09. Alcohol is harmful in any quantity.

One of the stories of a healthy diet is that alcohol should be eliminated from people who want to live a healthy life. But wine has some useful ingredients. For example, red wine contains a lot of polyphenols that support blood vessels. Still stick to a cup of rules. Overflow.

10. Healthy oil makes food better.

Coconut oil, linseed oil and pumpkin oil have become lifelong companions for people who want a healthy diet. Many people use it for cooking without any thought. However, there is a point to keep in mind for each oil. For example, linoleum oil is completely toxic when heated due to its high content of unsaturated fats. Some oils should be consumed by dressing. The type of oil should be used to suit the application.

11. Fat-free products are healthier.

Many people choose to take only fat-free foods because they take their weight loss seriously. In fact, fat-free products can have more calories than regular products. Think about it. If you remove the fat that tastes the food, you have to replace it. These foods also contain very little vitamins and useful ingredients.

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