Wednesday, June 19, 2019

10 Things To Know About Two Reasons Why Excessive Salt Intake Leads To Obesity.

Two reasons why excessive salt intake leads to obesity

0 Things To Know About Two Reasons Why Excessive Salt Intake Leads To Obesity.

I think there are many people who restrict the party for the diet. Sugar is a nutrient needed for your body, but when you overdose it accumulates in fat. Therefore, we will mainly diet to restrain the party. Do you know that excessive salt intake is also associated with obesity? If you are limited in the party and are not dry enough, will not you choose something with a rich flavor to get satisfaction? According to the National Center for Circulatory Research and Nikkei, the cause of dryness may be "salt". Here are two reasons why excessive salt intake leads to obesity.

1. Increase of 'Ghrelin', an appetizing hormone

When you eat a lot of salt, the secretion of the hormone called 'ghrelin' increases the appetite and accumulates body fat. Ghrelin also has the function of promoting the secretion of growth hormone and the regulation of energy metabolism. However, when the ghrelin has overdosed, the ghrelin secretion becomes active, and the amount of eating is increased. In fact, people with higher levels of salinity have higher BMI (body mass index) and higher waist circumference, and some 1% increase in salinity may increase the risk of obesity by 26%. In addition, if you are insensitive to salt, you will not be satisfied with your meal because you do not have a deep taste, and you are insensitive to the whole taste, too much sugar and oil.

2. "Sodium" causes excessive edema.

The main ingredient of salt, sodium, is a necessary mineral for the body. However, since it maintains the water balance in the body in connection with potassium, when the amount of sodium is increased, the body causes swelling of the body including the moisture that is originally discharged to lower the sodium concentration, resulting in edema. The swelling of the body collapses into edema, making it look fat without actually being fat. Especially in the summer, because of the sweat and minerals flow out and the mineral balance is easy to collapse, pay attention to a sodium excess.

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