Thursday, July 11, 2019

July 11, 2019

10 things to avoid in hypertension

10 things to avoid in hypertension

One of the main causes of coronary heart disease is an unhealthy diet. Taking nutrient-deficient foods can cause hypertension and damage your heart. People who have high blood pressure or heart disease should also keep in mind the food they had inadvertently ate.

01. Salt (table salt)

Too much salt can harm the heart and cardiovascular system and cause immediate, circulatory disease. Also, if the salt of the organism is too much, it will hold the water and promote the deformation of the circulatory system and damage the supply path, heart, kidney and spirit.

02. French fries (fast food)

Fried potatoes, representative of fast food, contain 19 grams of fat and 270 milligrams of sodium. This figure is too high to be ignored by people with high blood pressure or heart disease.

03. Strong sake

According to various studies, a moderate amount of alcohol can lower the pulse rate. However, there are other studies that show that measuring liquor can also pose a risk. In addition, recent studies have shown that alcohol can lead to death in adults with hypertension in the Republic of Korea.

04. Red meat (cattle, sheep, pork, etc.)

Greasy chicken and red flesh contain hydrogenated oil that can harm the heart and blood vessels. In this way, you should reduce your nutritional intake through fast food or limit trans fats.

05. Other meat products

Another major cause of hypertension is the continuous use of bundled means of livelihood, such as bologna, bacon, frankfurter and other processed meat products. If you have high blood pressure problems or want to reduce it, you should take salt or low-salt meats such as chicken, turkey breast or sloppy hamburgers.

06. Sugar

The hip joint is one of the true criminals of hypertension. Foods high in sugar can cause weight gain and cause hypertension.

07. Margarine

Margarine made during the hydrogenation process contains bad trans fats and should be removed from the diet as soon as possible.

08. Canned food biscuits

Refrigerated rolls and scones are not very good for your health because they contain fat that can cause an increased risk of high blood pressure in older ladies. When purchasing canned biscuits, check the ingredient name on the label and check for hydrogenated oils. Whole wheat bread or rolls are better, but sodium content should be checked.

09. Pizza

The Food Manufacturing Federation has reported that both the meat and the old Cheddar pizza are both high in sodium. Please replace meat and cheddar cheese with some vegetables.

10. Espresso

Some studies have shown that espresso is associated with hypertension, so you should refrain from drinking espresso and drink more green tea.
July 11, 2019

10 ways to lower your hypertension without taking medication

10 ways to lower your hypertension without taking medication

The weather is getting colder and colder. When it gets cold, it is 'hypertension' which should be more careful. Hypertension can be a concern when you are diagnosed and need to take 'medicine'. Healthy lifestyles play an important role in the treatment of hypertension. If you successfully control your blood pressure with the following healthy lifestyle, your medication may be withheld or reduced. Today 's posting topic referring to the Mayo Clinic' s foreign articles is "10 ways to lower your blood pressure without taking medication."

01. Reduce weight loss and waist circumference

Blood pressure often increases as weight increases. Overweight also can cause sleep disturbances (sleep apnea). This increases blood pressure further. Weight loss and waist size reduction are among the most effective lifestyle habits to control your blood pressure.

02. Regular exercise

Continuous physical activity for more than 30 minutes daily can lower your blood pressure by 4 to 9 mmHg. It is important that you stop doing exercise regularly because your blood pressure can rise again. The best exercises to lower your blood pressure are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing.

03. Eat a Healthy Diet

With plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, and saturated fat and cholesterol, you can lower your blood pressure to a maximum of 14 mmHg. This diet is known as the diabetic approach to stopping high blood pressure (DASH) regimens. It is not easy to change your eating habits, but the tips below can help you run a healthy diet.

① Write a food diary - You can feel the amazing change in your diet simply by using what you eat for about a week. Monitor how much, when, and why you ate the food I eat.

② Potassium supplement - Potassium can reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure. The best source of potassium is foods like fruits and vegetables, not supplements.

③ Wise consumption - When shopping, read the ingredient label and eat carefully.

04. Reduce sodium on diet

If you lower your sodium to just a little, you can lower your blood pressure to 2 to 8 mmHg. The effect of sodium intake on blood pressure varies from person to person. In general, sodium should be limited to 2,300 mg per day or less. For those who are more responsive to salt, a sodium intake of less than 1,500 mg per day is appropriate.

① Read the food label. If possible, choose sodium substitutes for foods and drinks you usually buy.

② Reduce intake of processed foods. The food naturally has only a small amount of sodium. Most sodium is added during processing.

④ Relaxed. Suddenly, if you think you do not suddenly reduce sodium in your diet, you should gradually reduce it. Our tastes will be adjusted over time.

05. Limit the amount of drinking alcohol

Alcohol can be good or bad for your health. If you have a small amount of blood pressure is lowered by 2 ~ 4 mmHg. However, if you drink too much alcohol, you will lose protection if you drink more than one cup per day for women and for men over 65, and for men over 65 for two or more drinks a day. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can actually raise your blood pressure to a few points. It can also reduce the effect of blood pressure drugs.

06. Stop smoking

Cigarettes take a few minutes to bloom. And when the aspiration is finished, the blood pressure returns to normal. People who stop smoking regardless of age have a significantly higher average life expectancy.

07. Reduction of caffeine

The role of caffeine in blood pressure is still being discussed. People who rarely consume caffeine can raise their blood pressure by 10mmHg, but people who drink habitually have little effect on blood pressure. The effect of chronic caffeine intake on blood pressure is not clear, but there is a possibility of a slight increase in blood pressure. To determine if caffeine increases blood pressure, check the pressure within 30 minutes of drinking the caffeinated beverage. If the blood pressure increases by 5 ~ 10mmHg, it may be sensitive to the blood pressure increase effect of caffeine.

08. Stress reduction

Chronic stress is an important factor in hypertension. Unusual stress can also affect your blood pressure if you respond to stress while eating unhealthy foods, drinking, or smoking. Think about the causes of stress, such as work, family, financial or illness. After identifying the source of the stress, consider how you can eliminate or reduce stress. If you can not eliminate all the stressors, you can at least overcome the stress in a healthy way.

09. Measure your blood pressure at home and meet your doctor on a regular basis

Home monitoring can help you monitor blood pressure continuously, check for changes in lifestyle, and inform you and your doctor of potential health complications. Blood pressure monitors can be used without prescription. You can adjust your blood pressure by visiting your doctor regularly. If you can control your blood pressure, you may need to visit your doctor every 6 to 12 months depending on your other conditions.

10. Getting Support

Supportive family and friends can help improve your health. They can encourage them to take care of themselves, take them to a doctor's office, or start an exercise program to lower blood pressure. If you need help outside your family or friends, join a support group.

Monday, June 24, 2019

June 24, 2019

Eight mechanisms of defense that happen to my body that protect me

Eight mechanisms of defense that happen to my body that protect me

Our bodies are a complex collection of numerous biological cycles and systems that can often be difficult to understand. When the body is invaded for various reasons, the body's defense mechanism has a system that automatically protects it. They protect us against harm from all that could potentially harm us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Today 's posting theme is "8 defense mechanisms that happen to my body that protects me by a doctor."

01. Yawning

The main purpose of yawning is to overheat the brain or to cool the brain with overload. It appears as a kind of respiratory movement accompanied by extensor contraction of the whole body by unconscious breathing action that occurs when you are going to sleep or when you are free.

02. Sneezing

Sneezing is a spastic reflex movement in which the nasal mucosa of the nose is stimulated. The nasal mucous membrane of the nose suddenly changes in ambient temperature, or when chemical or physical stimuli are applied, it exerts a strong stimulant (allergic substances, microorganisms, dust, etc.) .

03. Stretching

We instinctively stretch and prepare the body to start the day. This stretching moves the muscles and restores the blood flow to make you feel better. This is the way I stretch out with both hands instinctively during an overworked job, and then I get the feeling that my body is cool.

04. Hiccups

When we eat very quickly or swallow lots of food, or simply overeat, the pneumonia can get irritated. This is closely connected to our stomach and diaphragm. This is a hiccup that suddenly closes the gate and makes a distinctive sound by trying to breathe by unexpected diaphragm contraction.

05. Skin wrinkles

These wrinkles appear on the skin of the fingers and play a very important role. It's also called 'crumpled'. This phenomenon is caused by natural wrinkles that can easily catch a slippery surface due to the effects of the surrounding environment (such as a long bath) when the moisture increases in the body.

06. Amnesia

Amnesia often occurs after the most unpleasant experience has occurred. Our brains literally eliminate the most terrible moment in our memory.

07. Chicken meat (goose)

The main function of the fleece (goose) is to reduce the amount of heat that our body loses through the pores of the skin. If you are exposed to cold weather, you can protect your body from the harsh weather conditions.

08. Tears

In addition to protecting the mucous membranes of the eye when foreign objects enter the eye, tears also serve as a tool for "emotional defense". Scientists believe that in stressful situations, the body creates new and powerful stimuli to escape the pain that it is experiencing. It works to protect us every day. There are several reasons why we should be grateful to all of us. Do not forget to take a break.
June 24, 2019

11 wrong eating habits that you think are healthy

11 wrong eating habits that you think are healthy

People who care about health often try to replace harmful foods with healthy foods. However, most of the alternatives may not be close to our healthy eating habits. If you want to eat clean food by referring to the information on overseas US online sites, it is better to ignore it.

01. The Apple Juice Spec is healthier than Coca Cola.

We can easily believe that apple juice will be healthier than 'harmful' coke. In fact, apple juice contains more calories than Coca Cola. If you are interested in diet, drink water and dispose of all juice packs or soft drinks.

02. Fresh vegetables are healthier than cooked vegetables.

Some boiled vegetables turned out to be better than fresh ones. For example, boiled carrots contain a lot of carotenoids, and boiled or steamed tomatoes contain more lycopene for good health. This does not mean that you should only eat cooked vegetables, so do not hurry.

03. You can eat sushi during your diet.

Even if you keep a check on your carbohydrate intake, it is better to order sushi from a restaurant and it is considered a healthy alternative to other dishes. In fact, salmon rolls contain more carbohydrates than hamburgers and have more calories. To lose weight, you should choose something less harmful to your plan.

04. Soy is a good salt substitute for health.

Dietitians are advised not to choose soy sauce instead of salt. If you do not, you can consume salt multiple times daily just by visiting a Chinese restaurant. It is better to add some salt to your food periodically than you believe these alternatives are healthy.

05. Honey instead of sugar

We know that sugar is not good for our body shape and health, so we add honey to everything we want to hide our sweetness. In fact, honey has more calories than sugar. The difference is not great, but if these parts continue to accumulate, weight loss will not see progress.

06. Dried fruit is the best snack.

In the process of drying fruit, 80% of the vitamins and antioxidants are damaged. This means that eating fresh fruit as a snack is better. Dried fruits are also dangerous because some dishonest manufacturers add the sweet syrup to the fruit to further reduce their effectiveness.

07. Popcorn is harmful to health.

Scientists have proven that hot air cooked popcorn is a healthy and useful food. A cup of popcorn contains almost twice as much antioxidants as polyphenols, such as fruits and vegetables. Also, popcorn contains very good fiber for your health. Of course, you should not eat whole, but a small cup of popcorn can be a good snack.

08. Cheese is the biggest enemy of diet.

Because most diets contain lots of fat and calories, it is best not to think about cheese. But cheese is more calcium than most other products, so it can be eaten on a very tight diet. It also contains linoleic acid to help reduce fat accumulation and help weight loss.

09. Alcohol is harmful in any quantity.

One of the stories of a healthy diet is that alcohol should be eliminated from people who want to live a healthy life. But wine has some useful ingredients. For example, red wine contains a lot of polyphenols that support blood vessels. Still stick to a cup of rules. Overflow.

10. Healthy oil makes food better.

Coconut oil, linseed oil and pumpkin oil have become lifelong companions for people who want a healthy diet. Many people use it for cooking without any thought. However, there is a point to keep in mind for each oil. For example, linoleum oil is completely toxic when heated due to its high content of unsaturated fats. Some oils should be consumed by dressing. The type of oil should be used to suit the application.

11. Fat-free products are healthier.

Many people choose to take only fat-free foods because they take their weight loss seriously. In fact, fat-free products can have more calories than regular products. Think about it. If you remove the fat that tastes the food, you have to replace it. These foods also contain very little vitamins and useful ingredients.
June 24, 2019

Seven unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules

Seven unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules

Dr. Amy Shah, a medical doctor, has claimed that there is no correlation between health and diet in overseas media mind body greens. Limiting calories or doing a hard exercise may be a mistake. The hard work you did for your health may not have any effect. The posting topics to be introduced today are "7 unexpected habits of healthy people to ignore the rules".

01. The sweet thing is Ok! You do not have to hold on.

Dr Mark Hyman, MD, asserts, "Sugar is one of the joy of tequila" is. Everyone likes sweets and is said to be so programmed. When the body wants sugar, it is said that it is good for health to consume. It is said that it does not overdo it forcibly and does not overdo it.

02. You do not have to sleep more than 8 hours.

According to Dr. W. Christopher Winter, an expert in neurology for sleep, "Even if sleeping time is a little shorter, there is no harm in the human body." Unless you are suffering from insomnia, sleep is not a problem if you are napping efficiently and feeling refreshed.

03. Drinking coffee for health

If you drink a lot of coffee or alcohol than water, I think it is good for your body to reduce a little of course. But drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine every day is good for your health. When asked to three prominent American doctors, "Do you need coffee for your health?", Everyone answered, "Yes!"

04. Carbohydrate intake to maintain concentration and fitness

The notion that carbohydrates are bad is nowadays fixed. Diet trainer Robb Wolf gave a different opinion. I noticed the importance of carbohydrates as well as athletes who needed endurance. Lack of carbohydrates suggests that brain activity slows down and concentration is reduced. This causes a lack of physical strength and fatigue is accumulated in the body.

05. Everyday exercise makes forbidden, rest days.

"There is evidence of fatigue after the season is over and after a rest for about six months," a study that measured the fatigue of a swimming athlete who had experienced the Olympics was found. I think it takes time to recover the physical strength. It is said that exercising every day for health is counterproductive. Sometimes, rest is a smart way.

06. Compare only with yourself.

There is nothing more meaningful than comparing weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference with a friend who uses force during a diet. Compared to others and frustrated every day, you can ruin your creativity and happiness. You have to compare figures with yourself. Complimenting others is the first step of health.

07. Calorie calculation is a waste of time

The most important thing in a meal is the quality of calories is not important. You need to know how much time you spend on your life for calorie counting. There is also a way to record on a diet, but it is important to enjoy a balanced diet rather than waste unnecessary time.
June 24, 2019

Eight amazing health effects hidden in a glass of wine a day

Eight amazing health effects hidden in a glass of wine a day

Wine is known to contain many ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, including polyphenols. There are many other health effects, but of course, excessive drinking is not allowed. I would like to introduce some positive effects of drinking a glass of wine recommended by the previous Little Things. The topic of posting today is "a glass of wine a day" wine is "8 amazing health effects hidden".

01. If you drink red wine, exercise is effective.

The study, published in ScienceDaily, states that drinking a glass of red wine has the same effect as an hour-long exercise, because of the natural compound called resveratrol, which is a kind of antioxidant, It helps increase fat burning.

02. Prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent bad breath

According to nutritionist Leah Kaufman, flavonoid, a type of polyphenol in red wine, inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth, preventing bad breath. Take a glass of wine instead of gum.

03. Allergic reaction to white wine is reduced.

Sommelier Laura Foster told Dr.OG that the sweet Sauvignon Blanc has the same effect as an allergic antihistamine drug.

04. Prevention of heart disease

The antioxidants in the wine are effective in preventing heart disease, nutritionist Leah Kaufman said. Of course, excessive drinking has been counterproductive.

05. Reduce bad cholesterol.

Alcohol increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL) by 5-15% and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL).

06. Improved memory

In a survey conducted by Dr. Ted Goldinger at the University of Arizona, a 70-year-old woman was divided into two groups and tested for memory versus those who did not drink wine daily. It was the group that consumed the wine that scored high. It also has the effect of preventing inflammation of other blood vessels.

07. Improved immunity

A study showed that a glass of wine a day reduced the risk of infection by 11%, and that half a glass of wine prevented food poisoning by salmonella. In addition, polyphenols in wine, gastritis and ulcers that cause bacteria, "Helicobacter pylori bacteria" has an inhibitory effect.

08. Women who drink wine become stronger bones.

On average, women who drink wine routinely tend to have a high bone density. Alcohol is said to improve the level of estrogen, the female hormone. As a result, there is a view that it slows down the degradation rate of old bone. Also rich in natural compounds called plant chemistry, it is effective in preventing osteoporosis.
June 24, 2019

Ten unexpected foods for hair loss that can be easily obtained

Ten unexpected foods for hair loss that can be easily obtained

Eating not only affects your health but also your hair. It is important to have a nutritional diet for your hair, not a cure for healthy hair. Especially good food is in your hair. For example, there is an opinion that when you eat seaweed, your hair becomes clean. This is because the iodine ingredient in the seaweed is effective in improving the blood circulation, so it is effective for hair loss and hair thinning. But besides, I want to introduce good food to my head. Today's introduction is "10 different kinds of foods that are easy to get hair loss."

01. Eggs

Eggs contain the four minerals, selenium, iron, zinc and sulfur needed to keep your hair healthy. Foods rich in proteins, including amino acids, which are very beneficial to the hair, are the source of keratin, the basic ingredient of the hair.

02. Salmon

Salmon is rich in high-quality protein sources, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has the ability to maintain essential oils and moisture, essential for hair. Salmon is also rich in protein nutrients essential for hair growth, such as other sardines, mackerel, herring and gull gull.

03. Oyster

Oysters contain a lot of zinc and are said to be effective in improving hair. The main component of the hair is a protein called keratin, but if zinc is not enough, this keratin is not synthesized well. Oysters are foods with much higher zinc content.

04. Green vegetables

Green vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and spinach are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and F, which improve blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Green and yellow vegetables such as pumpkin and spinach are rich in vitamins such as vitamin B to help cell division and vitamin E to promote blood circulation.

05. Beans

Soy contains iron, protein and zinc, which improve hair health. Because it is rich in protein, which is a major component of hair, legumes such as mung bean and lentil beans, which are the best nutrients for hair, are very important for hair care.

06. Chicken

Chicken contains a lot of protein. This protein is the main component of the hair and is a nutrient that strengthens the hair. If you do not give enough protein, it will weaken and make hair style worse and hair color worse. Chicken contains not only the health of the hair but also the iron needed for the health of the whole body.

07. Paws, cow tendons

The collagen contained in these foods is not only good for the skin but also for the health of the hair. Collagen-rich foods improve hair shine and elasticity. The scalp is also skin. Collagen is good for your skin. Collagen is needed for a healthy scalp.

08. Black sesame

Black sesame has been popular as a health food since ancient times, rich in essential minerals such as iron and niacin. Especially black sesame is known to have a high effect of keeping the hair black.

09. Dairy products

Calcium contained in milk is needed for hair growth. Low-fat dairy products such as milk and yogurt contain a large amount of minerals, phosphorus, and calcium that are needed for hair growth. Lack of calcium can cause the neurons in the brain to deteriorate, which can lead to hair loss, which can lead to hair loss.

10. Beater Chocolate

Dark chocolate, called black chocolate, is chocolate with 40 to 60% cocoa mass. This cacao contains protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are good for hair health.